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Connex Capital

With over 96 years of combined experience of its directors, Connex Capital (Connex) is a progressive property development and investment company that prides itself on its track record, passion and commitment. We at Connex, are committed to delivering superior value in design, innovation, quality and service to customers.

Connex has partnered with strategic brands in the construction and finance sectors to provide sustainable world class infrastructure in major cities around the world, establishing unique offerings for clients, previously unrealised through standard construction and development methodologies.

The right track for the future

Our projects deliver improved quality of life through architectural excellence in design, construction and innovation. We also contribute towards our communities wellbeing and continued enhancement and education in life.

Connex approaches each new venture with the primary desire to establish multi-generational benefits that can be given back to the communities and future generations; achieved through collective, cohesive and evolving working arrangements with stakeholders and users with a single goal.

Connex is expanding housing, landscape and community spaces for residents and tourists to enjoy.

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